My WeBpAgE
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My LiTtLe CoRnEr

~*~a friend is sumone who knows ur past~*~
~*~believes in ur future~*~
~*~and accepts u today for who u are~*~

(that is SO my quote)

Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!!
I hope u like it!

G o D   b L e S S    A m Er I c A

AbOuT mE

Name: Nik
SNs: A88moose, tyedyeglittergal, Hola1325
Grade: 8
Age: 13 and 4.5 months
Family: 1 brother, 2 sisters(one is a baby- she's adorable!!)
Sportz: Basketball, rollarblading, attempting whatever we do in gym
Collections: Stuffed moose (dont even ask)
Hobbies: AOL, writing, reading, basketball, biking, rollarblading
hanging w/ my friends, talking
Music: LFO is the Best!!!!other than that, nething really (except boy bands)
Job: Babysitter

PS- thanks matt for putting up with me n helping me w/ this!!
This page is still under construction...