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The purpose of The Food Bank Network is to provide staple food items to people of low economic means in Somerset County and doing so with dignity and respect for the person giving and the person receiving. Our method of distributing this food is through three food pantries, which are open every Saturday in different towns within Somerset County. Our goal is to help create the opportunity for each person to become self sufficient.

We take emergency calls on a daily basis of people needing our help and unable to wait until Saturday. Usually, they are first time people or people with special needs. These folks are referred to us from other county agencies such as Board of Social Services, Food Stamps, Alternatives, Richard Hall, SHIP, Catholic Charities, Group Home, United Way, Home-sharing, D.Y.F.S., Agape House, and walk-ins of people needing immediate help.

People who recieve food from us are asked to fill out an application on thier first visit. Our procedure is to review each application and to follow-up with any necessary referrals to other agencies. We then are able to determine how often a family or individual can be served each month. This review is done on a weekly basis.